Regional Branch Manager

NMLS# 1258063
Tel: (303) 885-0607


383 Inverness Parkway Suite 300
Englewood Colorado 80112



Dan Reynolds is an accomplished senior business development and operations professional, with 25 years of management experience earned and refined at companies such as Merrill Lynch, National City Bank, Hewlett Packard and Costco.

As the recipient of multiple President Club awards, Dan has a proven track record of establishing business models that transform culture, create stability, increase profitability and delight clients. Over the last 16 years, Dan has been deeply engaged within the financial services sector with a focus on retail mortgage lending, support services, risk, compliance, loss mitigation and REO (Key Clientele: US Bank, Treasury, Fannie, Freddie and long standing Wall Street investment firms).

Dan has gained a unique perspective, having held leadership positions in all sectors of mortgage finance coupled with a deep understanding of Quality Maturity (Six Sigma). Successful at managing and maneuvering through change, he has leveraged his experience into a systemic approach that bolsters client relations, employee satisfaction, and company goals.

Those who know Dan will tell you that his focus on people is his epicenter, as he believes that investing in people is what elevates a company and serves a higher purpose. “Having vision is critical, but if your leadership cannot engage, motivate and unharness the potential of others, then sustainable accomplishments will never occur”.

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